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OPET's is dedicated to:

land conservation in the pond’s watershed;

monitoring the ecological health of the Pond while engaging and promoting related scientific studies;

educating the pond watershed residents and encouraging them to reduce their impact on Oyster Pond;

working with the Town of Falmouth and other organizations to support the long-term preservation of the pond.


Oyster Pond Environmental Trust Life-time Members

OPET is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with an elected Board of Directors and officers.
The following is a list of lifetime members to OPET who have donated $5000 or more to the organization.

  • Chester & Dorris Carlson Charitable Trust
  • Sally Manny Cross
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • John E Dowling
  • Mrs. James J. Ferguson, Jr.
  • Melinda Hall & Larry Pratt
  • Hans Jannasch
  • William & Patricia Kerfoot
  • William & Mary Louise Klimm
  • Arthur B Pardee & Ann B. Goodman
  • John S. & Martha S.Price
  • Julie Rankin
  • Birgit Rose
  • Harold and Kristin Sears
  • Cecily C Selby
  • Mrs. Bradford Whittemore
  • Herbert L Willett
  • Margery Zinn

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Oyster Pond Environmental Trust, Inc.
501(c) 3 non-profit organization
PO Box 496 • Woods Hole, MA 02543-0496