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Newsletters and News

The Watershed 2018 (Pdf) features:

  • Falmouth’s Plan to Clean-up Oyster Pond by Wendi Buesseler
  • A Message from John E. Dowling — OPET President
  • Planning for the Future: OPET’s & Yours  by Mindy Hall—OPET Fund Raising Chair


The Watershed 2017 (Pdf) features:

  • Doing all we can to Prevent anotyher Algal Bloom
  • A Message from OPET President
  • Great Things are Happening on our Conservation Lands
  • Was Last Summer's Algal Bloom Toxic?
  • What is Happening in the Lagoon?

The Watershed 2016 (Pdf) features:

  • The Headwaters of Oyster Pond - An Exciting Update by Wendi Buesseler
  • Flushing Oyster Pond to Improve Water Quality  by Bill Kerfoot
  • Fixing Trunk River and Oyster Pond  by Wendi Buesseler


The Watershed 2015 (Pdf) features:

  • OPET Receives $500.000 grant from the MA EEA
  • Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to the acquisition of the Headwaters of Oyster Pond
  • A Message from John Dowling — OPET President


The Watershed 2014 (Pdf) features:

  • Help Us Save the Oyster Pond Headwaters
  • A Message from the OPET President
  • Wastewater Treatment Options for Oyster Pond Area under Consideration


2013 NEWSLETTERThe Watershed 2013 (Pdf) features:

  • Is your Home in the New FEMA Flood Zones
  • Town of Falmouth assists Oyster Pond
  • Fertilizer Bylaw Update
  • Friends of OPET
  • Are you ready for Hurricane Season?


Hurricane Sandy & Oyster Pond!

We are extremely fortunate that Sandy delivered only a glancing blow to Falmouth and Oyster Pond.  Top wind gusts reached about 63 mph.  The storm surge was more dramatic.   Water from the Sound POURED into Oyster Pond for several hours. The pond level is very high and was still high yesterday afternoon.  The Ransom Road dock, at the top of the pond, is under water.  It is expected that it will take several days to subside.   It looks like the Trunk River bridge was overtopped by the surge.

Trunk River during Sandy
Trunk River during high tide (11:15) on Monday, October 29, 2012


Storm water pouring into Oyster Pond. Normally, water flows out of the Pond.

A slideshow of conditions around Oyster Pond

For more information on the storm, pictures and the impacts to Falmouth follow the following links:

From the Falmouth Enterprise - Hurricane Sandy Leads To Widespread Power Outages in Falmouth

From the Cape Cod Times - Hurricane Sandy Aftermath




The Watershed 2012 (PDF)

  • A Message from the OPET President
  • You 'otta Know about Your Otters
  • WQMC - Working on Improving Water Quality for Oyster Pond by Steve Leighton
  • Update: OPET's Shoreline Habitat Preservation Project
  • A Young Scientist on Oyster Pond by Emily Olmsted
  • Robert Livingstone (1921 - 2012)



Irene and Oyster Pond 2011

Waves from Irene crashing up Trunk River from OPET on Vimeo.

Irene coming ashore at Trunk River around noon on Sunday August 28th.
video by Lou Turner
sediment traps surf drive falmouth ma

Some Wonder Why Black Socks Are Hanging On Shore Road Signs

Sediment traps placed by the Coastal Systems Group at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution along Surf Drive to measure the size and composition of material that gets washed or blown from the beach during the storm. Traps were also placed on the bottom of Oyster and Salt Ponds.
photo by Gene Marchand, Falmouth Enterprise

Irene debris clogging up Trunk River, Falmouth MA
Trunk River completely clogged up with eel grass from Irene's storm surge. photo by Lou Turner

Irene Rushing up Trunk River, Falmouth, MA. from OPET on Vimeo.

Watching the water rush up into Trunk River makes it easier to understand how the it can get so clogged with storm debris as shown in the picture below.
video by Lou Turner

Irene washing over the Falmouth Bike Path. from OPET on Vimeo.

video by Lou Turner



The Watershed Newsletter Archives

The Watershed Summer 2011 (PDF)

  • Bird Photographer Craig Gibson Featured Speaker at OPET Annual Meeting
  • Fish News
  • Mysterious Big Fish
  • Falmouth passes $2.7 million funding package for Wastewater Treatment
  • Summer Student studies Oyster Pond
  • Battles of the Invasives - 2011
  • Treetops Transistions to Organic

The Watershed Summer 2010 v. 14, n. 1 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • Annual Meeting 2010 Notice July 22 SEA Education Association
  • Letter from OPET President
  • We are Winning the Phragmites Battle
  • OPET's New Web Site is Launched
  • The 2010 Herring Run
  • Officers and Directors 2009-2010
  • Clearing the Pathway to the Sea


The Watershed Summer 2009 v. 13, n. 2 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • Annual Meeting 2009 Notice July 16st at Woods Hole Research Center
  • Letter from OPET President
  • The Weir and The Water Witch A Success Story
  • Things You Can Do To Help Oyster Pond
  • Pond Friendly Lawn Care Tips
  • Officers and Directors 2008-2009
  • OPET Osprey Nest Update and Photo

The Watershed Winter 2008-09 v. 13, n. 1 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • The Big Stink Update
  • OPET President Message
  • Update: Phragmites Work
  • 2008 Herring Migration Report
  • Trunk River and Lagoon Problems
  • Bob Livingstone Receives FACES Award
  • OPET Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • Officers and Directors 2008-2009
  • OPET Board Member News

The Watershed Summer 2008 v. 12, n. 2 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • Annual Meeting 2008 Notice
  • Letter from President Lou Turner
  • OPET The Early Days by John Dowling
  • The Battle To Create Zinn Park by Bill Kerfoot
  • Oyster Pond: A Personal History by Wendi Buessler
  • Officers and Directors 2007-2008
  • Falmouth Pond Watchers on Oyster Pond by Barry Norris

The Watershed Winter 2007 v. 12, n. 1 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • Letter from OPET's President:
    Our Accomplishments from the Past Year and Upcoming Projects
  • Invasive Plant Work Update
  • White Perch Fish Stories
  • Beetle Sitters Wanted
  • Our Second Year of Phragmites Work
  • Improving Trunk River Outflow
  • Help Wanted: OPET Needs a Treasurer for 2008
  • Officers and Directors 2006-2007 and Board Meeting Schedule
  • Board Member News: Dana Rodin receives FACES 2007 Award.
  • Welcome new board members and thanks to retiring board members.

The Watershed Summer 2007 v. 11, n. 2 (PDF)

This issue features:

  • OPET 2007 Annual Meeting, July 25 at 7 PM, Woods Hole Research Center
  • A Modest Model Proposal concerning nitrogen in Oyster Pond
  • Mercury Studies in Oyster Pond
  • Understanding the impact of hurrican disturbance on coastal pines and scrub forests
  • Osprey Platform Raised at Oyster Pond
  • Membership contribution notice
  • American Eel - Oyster Pond's Other Important Resident
  • Thank you Americorps for help with Zinn Park in 2006
  • Officers and Directors
  • Board Member News: Spohr Gardens representative changes

The Watershed Winter 2006 v. 11, n. 1 (html  | PDF)

This issue features:

  • OPET Annual Expenses Article
  • Plant Inventory Finds Nearly 100 Species in Zinn Park
  • Trunk River Maintenance
  • View of Oyster Pond from Bike Path Restored
  • The Value of Year Round Sampling of Oyster Pond
  • OPET Plants to Install Osprey Platform
  • Zinn Park Plans
  • Board Member News
  • OPET Calendar 2007: Osprey Platform Installation - Early Spring, Invasive Plant Removal in Zinn Park - Late Spring, OPET Annual Meeting - July, Phragmites Removal Work Day - Late August to Early September

The Watershed, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 2006 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Oyster Pond Estuary Report Released
  • OPET Annual Meeting Notice Remembering long time OPET Board Member Martin Keister White 1931-2006 Specimen Trees at Spohr Garden
    Excellent Run of Herring at Trunk River this Spring
    Plant Survey of Zinn Park Underway
    Upcoming Events: Phragmites Removal Work Day, Nature Walk at Zinn Park with botanist Mario DeGregorio

The Watershed, Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2005-06 (htmlPDF)
This issue features:

  • OPET Initiates Water Quality Monitoring Program for Oyster Pond
    Meet Two New OPET Board Members: Michael McNaught and Max Holmes
    State Enacts 3-year Moratorium on the Taking of Herring
    Oyster Pond's Invaders: Phragmites and Purple Loosestrife Update
    Upcoming Events for 2006

The Watershed, Volume 9, Number 2, Summer 2005 (html  |  PDF)
This issue features:

  • OPET Annual Meeting 2005
    Purple Loosestrife and Phragmites: Aliens in our Backyard
    Herring Update,
    A Message from FACES
    2004 BUMP Research Projects
    OPET Photo Contest rules, In Memoriam: John and Freda Karalekas

The Watershed, Volume 9, Number 1, Winter 2004 (html  |  PDF)
This issue features:

  • Oyster Pond 2004 Alewife Report
    Profile on Falmouth Herring Warden
    OPET Report on Summer Algae Bloom Problem in Oyster Pond

The Watershed, Volume 8, Number 2, Spring 2004 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Spohr Garden - an OPET partner
    OPET Annual Meeting
    Oyster Pond to Benefit from Estuaries Project
    OPET Awards Science Fair Prize to FHS Student
    OPET Profile: Bill Kerfoot, In Memoriam: Pete Albert Swain

The Watershed, Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2003 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Wendi Buesseler joins OPET as Part-Time Consultant
    De-nitrifying Septic System to be installed at 110 Oyster Pond Road
    OPET Designs and Conducts Study of Oyster Pond
    An Environmental Tip to Help Oyster Pond (dishwshing detergent brands)
    Membership Survey, Spohr Gardens and OPET
  • V.8, N. 1 features Special Insert: Remembering Don Zinn by Dr. Robert Livingstone

The Watershed, Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 2003 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Woods Hole Research Center to hold OPET Annual Meeting
    Profile: Bob Livingstone, Salinity Debate, Salinity and Water Temp Readings, Oyster Pond, Winter-Spring 2002, OPET Survey Seeks Input from Members

The Watershed, Volume 7, Number 1, Winter 2002 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Mystery of the Dead Herring
    Profile: Pat Kerfoot, OPET Secretary
    Prof. Ivan Valiela: Reports on Health of Oyster Pond at Annual Meeting
    Summer Studies of the Nutrient Limitations to Phytoplankton Growth in Oyster Pond

The Watershed, Volume 6, Number 3, Summer 2002 (html  | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Dr. Ivan Valiela to Address OPET Annual Meeting
    Profile: Barry Norris
    Calling all Members (committee member needs)
    OPET Awards First Annual Science Fair Prize
    The Oyster Pond Salt Flux Experiment
    BUMP Students adopt Oyster Pond
    Before you Clear the Brush- Check First

The Watershed, Volume 6, Number 2, Winter 2001 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Zinn Park Dedication Held on September 1st
    Board Member News
    OPET Experiencing Growing Pains
    We need help, OPET seeks to contract Ombudsman/Newsletter Editor

The Watershed, Volume 6, Number 1, Summer 2001 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Environmentally Friendly Landscaping for Cape Cod is the Topic of Keynote Address at OPET's Annual Meeting
    Pond Management Report: Trunk River Project
    Bronze Plaque Update
    Student Projects on Oyster Pond (WHOI and Falmouth Academy
    The Shellfish/Herring Warden's Report on the Weir and Jetty
    Weir Stories
    Focus on Vista Pruning
    Pond Sampling Reports
    In Memoriam: Jim Ferguson
    Money Matters, Oyster Pond
    White Perch, Vision Research, and OPET's John Dowling
    From the Membership Desk

The Watershed, Volume 5, Number 2, Winter 2000 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Opet Officers and Directors Elected for 2000/2001 Term
    In Memoriam. OPET Life Member Friederun Jannasch
    Great News: OPET Has Paid Off its Debt!
    Eleanor Blevins Zinn Memorial Park Renamed Zinn Memorial Park
    Focus on Invasives in the Pond
    Pond Samplings: Weed and Fish Tales
    More Serious Pond Samplings: Salinity and Oxygen. Fecal Coliform Bacteria
    Wanted: Volunteer Editor
    The Channel at the Weir: A Prime Spot for Fishing if You're a Green Heron
    Will the Jetty Repair Keep Trunk River Running and The Pond at the Desired Height and Salinity Level?
    Board Member News: Amendment to Bylaws Allows Smooth Transition of Board Membership, New Board Members
    Loss of a Bit of Oyster Pond History: The Emery House.
    A Great Christmas Gift Idea - Buy the Emery book

The Watershed, Volume 5, Number 1, Summer 2000 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Maggie Geist, Executive Director of the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod, will speak at OPET’s Annual Meeting on July 13th
    Soon to come: OPET website
    Student Projects Involving Oyster Pond
    Pond Management Report: Trunk River Project
    Pond Watershed Loses More Acres to Development
    Focus on Pond Friendly Lawn Care
    Board Member in the Spotlight - Eric Davidson
    POND SAMPLINGS. Oyster Pond Freezes Solid. Waterfowl Tells of Changes in Pond
    Thank You, SEA and Treetops. From the Membership Desk

The Watershed, Volume 4, Number 2, Winter 1999 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Year of the Swan in Oyster Pond
    Board Member News
    Focus on Nitrogen and Ponds, Septic Systems that Save Salt Ponds
    Fall is for Frugal Fertilization
    Pond Samplings
    OPET Activities Throughout the Year
    Volunteer for OPET
    Y2K Appeal for Donations to OPET's Land Conservation Fund
    More Pond Studies (SEA Students and Botanist at work)
    A building for the 21st Century: Architecture and Manners in a Full World, George Woodwell's Annual Meeting Talk

The Watershed, Volume 4, No. 1, Summer 1999 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • George Woodwell, Director of World Renowned Woods Hole Research Center, to speak at OPET's Annual Meeting
    Donation Reduces Debt on Conservation Land to less than $10K
    Oyster Pond Study by High School Student Nate Hart Wins Award at Scienc Fairs
    Collaboration with WHOI Scientist will allow OPET to measure flow volume across the weir
    Pond Management Activities
    Pond Samplings, Winter Waterfowl tell of Abundance of Fish in pond
    Rowan Davis' Oyster Pond Fish Catch in Summer of 1998
    OPET Receives grant to continue pond studies, Envirotech Labs donate 15 free sample analyses
    The Oyster Pond Watershed

The Watershed, Volume 3, No. 2, Winter 1998 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • OPET Receives Donation to Land Conservation Fund
    Oyster Pond Fish Tales
    Annual Meeting: The Year in Review
    OPET's 1998-1999 Board of Directors
    Thanks go to our past president and retired board members
    New Board Members
    Grant from The Community Foundation of Cape Cod & Gift of Free E. Coli Analyses from Envirotech, Inc.
    In Memoriam: Holger Jannasch
    Update on The Spohr Gardens
    Pond Management Committee Tackles Trunk River

The Watershed, Volume 3, No. 1, Summer 1998 (html)
No PDf format in this issue currently available.
This issue features:

  • OPET's 4th Annual Meeting to be held
    In memory of Oyster Pond Science Pioneer K. O. Emery
    Pond Samplings, Trunk River, Land Conservation in the Watershed
    OPET Sponsors Pond Science Projects by Students
    The Weir
    OPET's Conservation Land Debt
    Book Report
    OPET receives Grant for pond studies from Community Foundation of Cape Cod
    SEA takes an interest in Oyster Pond
    From the Membership Desk

The Watershed, Volume 2, No. 2, Winter 1997 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Fund Raising Campaign to pay off debt on OPET's conservation land off to a running start
    Why We Need Conservation Land in the Oyster Pond Watershed
    Large White Perch Make Comeback in Pond
    OPET's Book Project Receives $1000 Grant
    Pond Samplings: Alewives, Bacteria Count, The Weir, The Trunk River Problem, The Spohr Gardens
    OPET Sponsors Science Projects
    Trying to Save Money - Tax Exempt Status
    OPET's Annual Meeting Highlights: Six New Boardmembers.
    A Brief History of OPET's Conservation Land

The Watershed, Volume 2, No. 1, Summer 1997 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Third Annual Meeting
    Three Major OPET Projects - Project One: OPET's Conservation land, Project Two: OPET reprinted A Coastal Pond... by K.O. Emery, Project Three: The Oyster Pond Weir Gets Closer!
    POND Samplings. How YOU can help Oyster Pond
    In memoriam: Ruth Sager

The Watershed, Volume 1, No. 3, Fall 1996 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Second Annual Meeting
    Good news on White Perch Front
    OPET reprinting A Coastal K.O. Emery
    In Memoriam: Don Zinn
    The Weir Design Report
    Activities of the Land Acquisition Committee
    Memorial Gifts, Lower Your Taxes: make a donation to OPET

The Watershed, Volume 1, No. 2, Spring 1996 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Committee reports: Pond Management, Land Acquisition, Fund Raising
    A Quick Look at OPET
    Second Annual Meeting
    Town budgets $20,000 for OP weir design
    OPET reprinting "A Coastal Pond..." by K.0. Emery
    OPET Launchs Drive to Preserve Land in Oyster Pond Watershed

The Watershed, Volume 1, No. 1, Fall 1995 (html | PDF)
This issue features:

  • Committe Reports
    Goings On, Undeveloped Land
    The Big Picture, The Amateur Hydrologist
    Text of the pond management statement sent to Peter Boyer, Town Administrator, for consideration as Town policy: Policy for the Management of Oyster Pond

The Oyster Pond Sentinel, December 1994 (PDF)

The Oyster Pond Sentinel, May 1991 (html)
No PDf format in this issue currently available.
This issue features:

  • Historical concentration of nitrogen increase in Oyster Pond
    Report on the culvert improvement on fish health and water quality
    Approval of residential denitrification septic units
    Park trails and fund raising
    Surf Drive and Oyster Pond shore trash pickup


Oyster Pond Environmental Trust, Inc.
501(c) 3 non-profit organization
PO Box 496 • Woods Hole, MA 02543-0496