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OPET Board of Directors

The board of directors of the OPET Corporation consists of the President, Treasurer, Clerk and the other duly elected officers of the corporation.

The total number of directors (including the officers) shall be not less than five. No director shall hold office for more than six consecutive years.


President: Alfredo Aretxabaleta

Treasurer: Matt O’Connor

Administrator: Chris Brothers

(year when term expires)

Alfredo Aretxabaleta (2025)

John Dowling (2022)

Jennifer Goebel (2027)

William Kerfoot (2023)

Steve Leighton (2028)

Teresa MacRae (2027)

Matt O’Connor (2027)

Dana Rodin (2022)

Olivia M Schmidt (2028)

Jonathan Smith (2023)

Mike Spall (2023)

Jim Wilson (2026)

4th of July parade
OPET annual meeting banner
Board Members at OPET Annual Meeting
Oyster Pond Environmental Trust

OPET is dedicated to:

  • land conservation in the pond’s watershed;

  • monitoring the ecological health of the Pond while engaging and promoting related scientific studies;

  • educating the pond watershed residents and encouraging them to reduce their impact on Oyster Pond;

  • working with the Town of Falmouth and other organizations to support the long-term preservation of the pond.

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