Trail Map

Enjoy the trails on the OPET lands.

They travel through nearly 30 acres of wetlands, woodlands, vernal pools and pond shoreline.  The trails are marked and color coded.  Blue marks the main nearly 1-mile loop trail.  Red takes you to points of interest (the Standing Stone, one of the Vernal Pools and a Sitting Stone with a nice view of the vernal pool).

OPET Trail Map

Copies of this trail map and a brochure pointing out items of interest on the property are located at our kiosk at the end of Fells Road or download a copy here. There is also a three car parking area with additional parking here, too.

photo Dorene Sykes

A trail in the OPET land.

Photo: Dorene Sykes
Zinn Park Dedication in 2001

Zinn Park Dedication in 2001

photo Hannah Buesseler

A cove on Oyster Pond along the shoreline of the Headwaters property.

Photo: Hannah Buesseler

Over 120 varieties of plants grow here providing food, nesting material and shelter for migratory and resident birds, amphibians, and mammals. Over 200 species of birds utilize the marshes, forests, thickets, and open water surrounding Oyster Pond for breeding, migratory stops and overwintering. These include priority species of concern such as the ovenbird and eastern wood-pewee as well as birds on the state’s endangered list such as the peregrine falcon.

There is much to see and do. Keep an eye and ear out for a scarlet tanager. Look for deer tracks. Listen for peepers near the vernal pools in the spring. See lady slippers and starflowers burst into bloom before the trees leaf out. Smell the fragrant scent of summersweet or Clethra alnifolia in the late summer. Enjoy the bright colors of the red maples in the wetlands in the fall.

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