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OPET Job Opportunity

It's been my privilege and honor to work for OPET, but after nearly 18 years on the job, I'm stepping down. I've enjoyed my job immensely, but it's time to have some new blood in the organization. Job Opportunity – Oyster Pond Environmental Trust Oyster Pond Environmental Trust (OPET), [...]

2020 Newsletter

Summer 2020 Newsletter A Message from Melinda Hall, OPET President Preserving the Beauty of Falmouth, by Bill Kerfoot, OPET Board Member Town Dredging Improves Pond Salinity, by Mike Spall, OPET Board Member In Praise of Beech Leave, by Elizabeth Saito, columnist for the Falmouth Enterprise and author [...]

2019 Newsletter

2019 Newsletter Bats: Miraculous Mammals of the Night - OPET Annual Meeting Thursday, August 8th, 7pm It’s a Wonderful Life … on the Pond? A Message from Melinda Hall, OPET President Monitoring Changes in Oyster Pond by Mike Spall

2019 OPET Annual Meeting

Bats: Miraculous Mammals of the Night Did you know that one bat can eat up to 3,000 insects a night – including mosquitoes and crop pests?   Come learn about our local bats and the valuable role they play in our ecosystems at the Oyster Pond Environmental Trust (OPET) Annual [...]

2018 Newsletter

2018 Newsletter How to Create a Butterfly Friendly Garden: Attracting Butterflies & Bees with Beautiful & Easy-to-Grow Plants -  OPET Annual Meeting Thursday August 2nd, 7pm Falmouth’s Plan to Clean-up Oyster Pond A Message from John E. Dowling — OPET President Planning for the Future OPET’s & Yours, by [...]

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