“The Osprey Project”

OPET Annual Meeting

Thursday, August 18, 7 pm

Sea Education Association

171 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth


Kevin Friel is a professional photographer and naturalist whose images of wildlife are stunning. Together with Barbara Schneider, animal welfare activist, journalist, and educator, he founded The Osprey Project in Falmouth. The Osprey Project’s goal is to provide Ospreys with nesting platforms as an alternative to nesting on powerline poles where their nests may catch on fire, killing the adults or young. As well, the Osprey Project is working with Eversource to install deterrents to keep the birds from returning to nest on the poles. Their talk will describe these efforts as well as the natural history of Ospreys, whose populations once suffered steep declines, and are now emblematic of Cape Cod.

Please note: The Sea Education Association requires that unvaccinated visitors wear a mask while indoors and encourages vaccinated visitors to do so as well.