Winter 2004

  • Oyster Pond 2004 Alewife Report
  • Profile on Falmouth Herring Warden
  • OPET Report on Summer Algae Bloom Problem in Oyster Pond

Summer 2004

  • Spohr Garden – an OPET partner
  • OPET Annual Meeting
  • Oyster Pond to Benefit from Estuaries Project
  • OPET Awards Science Fair Prize to FHS Student
  • OPET Profile: Bill Kerfoot, In Memoriam: Pete Albert Swain

Winter 2003

  • Wendi Buesseler joins OPET as Part-Time Consultant
  • De-nitrifying Septic System to be installed at 110 Oyster Pond Road
  • OPET Designs and Conducts Study of Oyster Pond
  • An Environmental Tip to Help Oyster Pond (dishwshing detergent brands)
  • Membership Survey, Spohr Gardens and OPET

Summer 2003

  • Woods Hole Research Center to hold OPET Annual Meeting
  • Profile: Bob Livingstone
  • Salinity Debate, Salinity and Water Temp Readings
  • OPET Survey Seeks Input from Members

Winter 2002

  • Mystery of the Dead Herring
  • Profile: Pat Kerfoot, OPET Secretary
  • Prof. Ivan Valiela: Reports on Health of Oyster Pond at Annual Meeting
  • Summer Studies of the Nutrient Limitations to Phytoplankton Growth in Oyster Pond

Summer 2002

  • Dr. Ivan Valiela to Address OPET Annual Meeting
  • Profile: Barry Norris
  • Calling all Members (committee member needs)
  • OPET Awards First Annual Science Fair Prize
  • The Oyster Pond Salt Flux Experiment
  • BUMP Students adopt Oyster Pond
  • Before you Clear the Brush- Check First

Winter 2001

  • Zinn Park Dedication Held on September 1st
  • Board Member News
  • OPET Experiencing Growing Pains
  • We need help, OPET seeks to contract Ombudsman/Newsletter Editor

Summer 2001

  • Environmentally Friendly Landscaping for Cape Cod is the Topic of Keynote Address at OPET’s Annual Meeting
  • Pond Management Report: Trunk River Project
  • Student Projects on Oyster Pond (WHOI and Falmouth Academy
  • The Shellfish/Herring Warden’s Report on the Weir and Jetty
  • Weir Stories
  • Focus on Vista Pruning
  • Pond Sampling Reports
  • In Memoriam: Jim Ferguson
  • Money Matters, Oyster Pond
  • White Perch, Vision Research, and OPET’s John Dowling

Winter 2000

  • In Memoriam. OPET Life Member Friederun Jannasch
  • Great News: OPET Has Paid Off its Debt!
  • Eleanor Blevins Zinn Memorial Park Renamed Zinn Memorial Park
  • Focus on Invasives in the Pond
  • Pond Samplings: Weed and Fish Tales
  • More Serious Pond Samplings: Salinity and Oxygen. Fecal Coliform Bacteria
  • The Channel at the Weir: A Prime Spot for Fishing if You’re a Green Heron
  • Will the Jetty Repair Keep Trunk River Running and The Pond at the Desired Height and Salinity Level?
  • Loss of a Bit of Oyster Pond History: The Emery House.

Summer 2000

  • Maggie Geist, Executive Director of the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod, will speak at OPET’s Annual Meeting on July 13th
  • Student Projects Involving Oyster Pond
  • Pond Management Report: Trunk River Project
  • Pond Watershed Loses More Acres to Development
  • Focus on Pond Friendly Lawn CareBoard Member in the Spotlight – Eric Davidson

Winter 1999

  • Year of the Swan in Oyster Pond
  • Focus on Nitrogen and Ponds, Septic Systems that Save Salt Ponds
  • Fall is for Frugal Fertilization
  • Pond Samplings
  • OPET Activities Throughout the Year
  • Y2K Appeal for Donations to OPET’s Land Conservation Fund
  • More Pond Studies (SEA Students and Botanist at work)
  • A building for the 21st Century: Architecture and Manners in a Full World, George Woodwell’s Annual Meeting Talk

Summer 1999

  • George Woodwell, Director of World Renowned Woods Hole Research Center, to speak at OPET’s Annual Meeting
  • Donation Reduces Debt on Conservation Land to less than $10K
  • Oyster Pond Study by High School Student Nate Hart Wins Award at Science Fairs
  • Collaboration with WHOI Scientist will allow OPET to measure flow volume across the weir
  • Pond Management Activities
  • Pond Samplings, Winter Waterfowl tell of Abundance of Fish in pond
  • Rowan Davis’ Oyster Pond Fish Catch in Summer of 1998
  • OPET Receives grant to continue pond studies, Envirotech Labs donate 15 free sample analyses

Winter 1998

  • OPET Receives Donation to Land Conservation Fund
  • Oyster Pond Fish Tales
  • Annual Meeting: The Year in Review
  • Grant from The Community Foundation of Cape Cod & Gift of Free E. Coli Analyses from Envirotech, Inc.
  • In Memoriam: Holger Jannasch
  • Update on The Spohr Gardens
  • Pond Management Committee Tackles Trunk River

Summer 1998

  • OPET’s 4th Annual Meeting to be held
  • In memory of Oyster Pond Science Pioneer K. O. Emery
  • Pond Samplings, Trunk River, Land Conservation in the Watershed
  • OPET Sponsors Pond Science Projects by Students
  • The Weir
  • OPET receives Grant for pond studies from Community Foundation of Cape Cod
  • SEA takes an interest in Oyster Pond

Winter 1997

  • Fund Raising Campaign to pay off debt on OPET’s conservation land off to a running start
  • Why We Need Conservation Land in the Oyster Pond Watershed
  • Large White Perch Make Comeback in Pond
  • OPET’s Book Project Receives $1000 Grant
  • Pond Samplings: Alewives, Bacteria Count, The Weir, The Trunk River Problem, The Spohr Gardens
  • OPET Sponsors Science Projects
  • OPET’s Annual Meeting Highlights: Six New Boardmembers.
  • A Brief History of OPET’s Conservation Land

Summer 1997

  • Third Annual Meeting
  • Three Major OPET Projects – Project One: OPET’s Conservation land, Project Two: OPET reprinted A Coastal Pond… by K.O. Emery, Project Three: The
  • Oyster Pond Weir Gets Closer!
  • POND Samplings. How YOU can help Oyster Pond
  • In memoriam: Ruth Sager

Fall 1996

  • Second Annual Meeting
  • Good news on White Perch Front
  • OPET reprinting A Coastal Pond…by K.O. Emery
  • In Memoriam: Don Zinn
  • The Weir Design Report
  • Activities of the Land Acquisition Committee
  • Memorial Gifts, Lower Your Taxes: make a donation to OPET

Spring 1996

  • Committee reports: Pond Management, Land Acquisition, Fund Raising
  • A Quick Look at OPET
  • Second Annual Meeting
  • Town budgets $20,000 for OP weir design
  • OPET reprinting “A Coastal Pond…” by K.0. Emery
  • OPET Launches Drive to Preserve Land in Oyster Pond Watershed

Fall 1995

  • Committee Reports
  • Goings On, Undeveloped Land
  • The Big Picture, The Amateur Hydrologist
  • Policy for the Management of Oyster Pond

December 1994

May 1991

  • Historical concentration of nitrogen increase in Oyster Pond
  • Report on the culvert improvement on fish health and water quality
  • Approval of residential denitrification septic units
  • Park trails and fund raising
  • Surf Drive and Oyster Pond shore trash pickup